Spring has finnaly arrived and after many requests we have more stock of 35 litre bags of top quality Levington Essentials topsoil which proved popular last year.

This soil can be used to simply top up your garden borders or fill in areas of your lawn which may need a little attention after the hard winter months.

Our delivery staff will deliver these to your door or even your garden shed if required and at only £6.60 per bag offer great value. Why lift and lay these from the garden centre to your car and then the same again when you get home.

Order online via YourMoo (Your Milk Order Online) or simply call our office on 01698 860 257 to add these to your next delivery day.

Did you know we have a facebook page?

We will post important delivery and produce information here.

Find us, like us and click the notification icon to be kept up to date of any changes.

60 litre Bulrush multi-purpose and Scottish Gardener compost available for immediate delivery.

Bulrush 60L multi-purpose £7.55

Scottish Gardener 60L moisture retaining multi-purpose £7.99

As always we will deliver these right to your door or even your garden shed if required

Order online or call 01698 860257

Could all customers who receive their milk or fruit juice in glass bottles please make sure all bottles are rinsed and left on your step for return.

Due to Covid-19 we are asking customers to please make sure that bottle are washed before being returned to reduce the risk to our staff.

Milk bottles are used numerous times before eventually being recycled and this helps reduce the waste from plastic containers, but we have found the number of bottles being returned has dropped. Some people are unaware that they are a returnable item and others have stopped returning them due to the fear of Covid transfer, please leave them out and we will collect them.

Thanks for your support.

As many people no longer work with cash due to Covid-19 or simply don’t want to have another thing to do, why not settle your bill once a month by direct debit?

We simply send you an itemised bill at the end of each month detailing what you have had delivered over that period with the total due to be paid.

We will then debit that total amount from your selected bank account on the 15th day of the following month. Simple!

If you would like to pay in this way just give us a call and we can set this up for you. We hope to have the direct debit mandate form in an online form soon so that you can pop in your details from home and email it to our office.

As many people know, intolerances to specific things are much more widely understood these days. I to can relate to this as I have a child who suffers from severe allergic reactions and also have family members who are both wheat and lactose intolerant.

We now stock a number of specialist milk alternatives and plant based milks as a result. We have Arla’s Lactofree whole and semi-skimmed milk in 1 litre cartons in addition to a number of the Alpro range products. These include Soya, Almond, Oat, Hazelnut and Coconut milk for those who require specific dietary alternatives or simply want a bit of variety in their diet.

If you have a particular product that you purchase on a regular basis or find hard to source, please call or e-mail myself with the details and I will be more than happy to look into whether this is something we could source and stock going forward that will be of benefit to you and many of our valued customers.

David Speirs.

Unlike other local milk delivery companies, we do not charge ANY additional costs to your delivery.

You simply pay for the products you ordered at the price stated. No ridiculous £1 non-return per empty bottle charges or weekly delivery charges, that is not how we operate.

We keep it simple, order you milk, juice, eggs or whatever you need at the price stated and our professional delivery staff will have it on your doorstep for you waking up ready to start the day, NOTHING EXTRA to pay.

We have been doing this for quite a few years now, over 80 years to be exact and as a local 4th generation family business our name is our reputation. We pride our self as being honest, reliable and friendly and have served generations of families throughout North Lanarkshire.

If you would like to have your milk or other produce delivered to your home, give us a call on 01698 860257 and speak to any of the Speirs family members in our office who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have or to simply get your deliveries started. If you don’t do speaking to people these days, as many don’t, e-mail us on info@speirsdairy.co.uk and we can help you set up a regular delivery or simply give you some insight into the service we provide.

Did you know we can also deliver bottled water?

We know carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket to you car and then from your car to the kitchen is hard work. After may requests we now stock 500 ml, 2 litre and 5 litre bottles of Ice Valley still water that can be delivered to your door.

Simply order online via your account or call us on 01698 860 257.

As we are all to aware, the use of plastic in our everyday life has increased to unprecedented levels.

Speirs Dairy have always supplied milk in sustainable glass bottles, but few people are aware of this. We would like to encourage you to “do your bit” for the environment and consider changing from your regular plastic container to returnable glass bottles which you simply rinse, return and are then re-used.

This simple change is a slightly more expensive way to receive your milk but dose reduce the amount of plastic you place in your bin and of course we all know that drinks from a glass bottle taste sooooo much better!

Our one pint glass bottles of whole, semi skimmed and fully skimmed milk are great value only 80p delivered to your door step.

Please consider this option and help us to reduce plastic waste and “do your bit” for future generations.

Flavoured milk drinks are both a delicious and healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

We stock Yazoo and Delamere Dairy flavoured milk drinks including, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Iced Latte Coffee flavours.

All are available for delivery to your door along with your regular milk delivery with Yazoo at only £1.05 and Delamere glass bottles at only £1.16.

Order online or by calling us on 01698 860257.

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