Almond, Oat, Soya and Lactofree milk alternatives

Are you unable to drink regular milk?

We understand having an intolerance to something you eat or drink can have a huge effect on your wellbeing and general health.

As many people are now more aware of dairy intolerances we now stock a few alternatives to regular milk.

  • Arla Lactofree semi-skimmed milk.
  • Alpro Soya Original milk
  • Alpro Almond milk
  • Alpro Oat milk

If you would like to have any of these delivered simply order online via your “YourMoo” account “Your milk order online”.

If there is any other product that we could source for you that would benefit you and other customers please contact us and we will do our best to introduce new and diverse products.

Bottled water

Did you know we can also deliver bottled water?

We know carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket to you car and then from your car to the kitchen is hard work. After may requests we now stock 500 ml, 1.5 litre and 5 litre bottles of Ice Valley still water that can be delivered to your door.

Simply order online via your account or call us on 01698 860 257.

Pay your bill by card at the door

As we all carry less an less cash in our purses and wallets, we are aware that the ability to pay by card is more relevant than ever.

All of our staff carry a mobile card payment terminal in each our vehicles and can offer contactless and regular payment options using you debit or credit card.

If you would like to pay by card simply ask the collector for the terminal and they will take your payment instantly at your door “signal strength dependant”. Contactless is available for amounts of £30 or below.

Direct Debit payment option

As we are now becoming a largely cashless society we have come to realise that over the last few years especially, the number of people paying by cash has dramatically decreased.

With many of us leading increasingly busier and busier lives we understand the need to be able to pay for your service in a way that suits you best.

Most prefer to pay by monthly direct debit now and this is also a much safer and more environmentally friendly way for us to receive your payment as we do not need to send a vehicle to your door and have our staff carry cash about in the street.

If this would suit you better and you would like to change to this method of payment just let us know and we will get a direct debit mandate for to you to complete and return to us. After you have done this we will simply collect the payment for your relevant delivered products in one easy payment. We will e-mail your bill at the end of each month so you know how much is going to be debited from your account in the 15th of the following month.

Call us on 01698 860257 to request a mandate form.

Do your bit! Change to glass bottles

As we are all to aware, the use of plastic in our everyday life has increased to unprecedented levels.

Speirs Dairy have always supplied milk in sustainable glass bottles, but few people are aware of this. We would like to encourage you to “do your bit” for the environment and consider changing from your regular plastic container to returnable glass bottles which are rinsed, returned and reused.

This simple change will be a slightly more expensive way to receive your milk but dose reduce the amount of plastic you place in your bin and of course we all know that drinks from a glass bottle taste so much better.

Our one pint glass bottles of whole, semi skimmed and fully skimmed milk are great value only 80p delivered to your door step.

Please consider this option and help us to reduce plastic waste and “do your bit” for future generations.

Winter De-icing salt offer

Winter is here again and we all dread the cold and icy mornings.

We now have stock of de-icing salt available for immediate delivery.

10kg bag of winter salt £4.99.

This does an excellent job of melting snow and ice fast and we will deliver them right to your doorstep with your next regular delivery of fresh milk.

Yazoo flavoured milk

Flavoured milk drinks are both a delicious and healthy alternative to fizzy drinks.

We stock Yazoo flavoured milk drinks including, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana flavours.

All are available for delivery to your door along with your regular milk delivery at only £1 per 400ml bottle.

The great thing is, these drinks do not need to be kept refrigerated and are ideal for school lunch boxes.

Order online, by phone or simply ask your delivery person.

Farm Fresh Eggs

As one of our regular customers, you will  know we only source the best quality produce.

Eggs are no exception! We only supply Large class ‘A’  eggs from a local approved farm.

These are available by the half dozen, dozen or tray (2.5 dozen).

Delivered fresh to you door along with your milk in time for breakfast.

Simply order online, by phone or ask your delivery person.